Who is ?

At present, is a one man project. I, Jeroen van Maanen, started it in 2003 as the next step in realizing an idea that occurred to me in 1995. That idea was:

I have been fascinated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) since I read Gödel, Escher, Bach in 1986 (more than six year after its publication). However, I felt that AI tried to jump to the top of the stairs. Gradually I began to see that the mystery of intelligence is not as much the ability to solve problems, but the ability act with an inner sense of purpose.

During my time as a graduate student in the field of Computational Learning Theory at CWI I got the idea that is central to , but it was too early for me to compose a setting that could lead to a first step in realizing this idea.

Slowly over what turns out to be decades, I am working on a software library that implements the principle that I stumbled upon in my CWI years. Hopefully it will evolve to a level where it transcends the purely academic.

Some ideas:

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