Prototype of the Inference Part

The prototype is Open Source. Visit the project page on GitHub for the code.

A prototype of the inference part of the project is almost ready. It is able to construct a probabilistic model from a text file. The resulting model is chosen from the class of Interaction History Tree Models. The model can also be used to generate text. Here is a sample of text generated from a model that resulted from processing approximately 25000 words from the Bible:

  Behold, I heard the words, putting therein.

  And his brethren: and the firstborn son Jacob.

  And Ham is it not behind thou give it is yet lived nine, duke that
  the wickedness unto Enoch, he fled from another:

  But Abimelech and in the morning unto the wives, and his female:
  yet seven and twentieth ran, and Ezer, and blessed Rebekah arose,
  then door, until I walk we were very good, and raiment of his friends
  the cities, and that creepeth upon one to another's name be?

  And Jacob said unto his brethren:

  And all these were three hundred and forty's house of Masrekah,
  and Buz to Esau, according which Lot's brother. And the waters brought
  them; and sent thy money of waters was fair to number, take me,
  He come number the moving my lord Esau, because thou wast naked
  leaves together; and I will make me some evil.

  And he erected, saying, GetIn the same red because of Abraham, that
  they may bless her, Thou knowest my service which is Esau returned
  unto Jacob's son.

  And his father deceitfully had been after me. And the damsel.

  Say I do nothing into the land.

  The LORD, who was beautiful and fifteen: Oh.

  And a son of my house daughter: and the name of the well. And they
  had digged in the house, that in Shechem and Hai: be scattered away
  to her name of the first year came unto Sarah thy sword? bless thee
  in the garden bread, which ye moreover, God healed, it, that went
  backward: and Ephron in law, and departed thence; Sheba, be consumed
  in unto them, Oh and two and the Perizzites thus day entered into
  the ark, were created he had possession: for she lay down to thee,
  and that seeth river, Hast seen among you it grew until I will go
  out of Ur gone, and Ishbak fruitful in my kindred.

  And it shall be found no man asked, for that toucheth.

  Unto Abraham was wroth, (is bdellium; peradventure Dishan: these
  words that were in the flesh had called it, that Abimelech king
  of the field, where, reigned in the earth: an

Visit the project page on GitHub for project details.